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D-Line – The Real Alternative to Channelling Walls


Since launch in 2006 D-Line have certainly come a long way – far enough to reach from our UK base to our distributor in New Zealand, 18 million meters away!

Such growth has confirmed D-Line’s core proposition that the market was missing a decorative style of mini-trunking for use in areas where appearance matters, but where channelling walls or lifting floors is not practical.

As Paul Ruddick, founder of D-Line, commented “We know if a surface is solid or has been recently decorated - or if time and budget are issues - that often clients don’t want the hassle and expense of trying to recess cables. Using D-Line lengths can hide cables discretely. With its tapered ½ circle design and no sharp edges it blends with décor to give an outstanding quality of finish for a very modest cost!”

The neat semi-circle profiles incorporate a patented hinge that is specifically tensioned to keep cables in place during an installation, before users simply click-lock the lid. Clip-over bends and tees snap-over lengths to forgive poor cuts and save the need for precise measuring, while smooth-fit connectors and end caps make for a perfect finish.

Paul continued: “The one-piece design and clip-over Accessories for Mini D-Line combine to make probably the quickest system available. Feedback from electricians is excellent. We supplied 125 miles recently for 20,000 hotel rooms where, compared to channelling walls, D-Line saved the noise, mess and cost of putting rooms out-of-service. We take pride from contractors telling us they’re winning new work by offering Mini D-Line as a preferred option”.

The Newcastle-based company has successfully launched a full range of unique Cable Management solutions, with more in development, all stemming from the offer to electricians of a fall back solution when channelling is not the answer.

Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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