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Cables Showing? Don't Be Fobbed Off!


I live in a traditional house built in 1930’s that would not suit having cables stapled to walls.  That was my main reservation when the salesman from a well known telecommunications company cold-called.  Told me if I didn’t have 155 channels I’d be depriving my children, that we’d not be in the ‘real world’.  Then he quoted special deals and other offers – ‘So what about the cables?’ I asked.  ‘Don’t worry, you’ll never see them' he answered, and so I went ahead.  How naive I felt to find cord right across the room – the white cord was very conspicuous against the black hearth and wooden floor! 


When I contacted the salesman I was told that the alternative route to the TV was even longer, and would have required cables up and around the door frame – ‘Our guys took the shortest path, that showed the least cable!’ I was supposed to be grateful, and was then assured ‘such a complaint happens regularly’. 

When I asked why they didn’t cover the cable. I was told no such product exists!  Well don’t be fobbed off...  Get these companies told to D-Line-it!

Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" L.K.

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